Audition FAQ's

Is AMTC an agency?

No. AMTC is much more than an agency. In fact, we don't recommend you try to get an agent before you're ready. Why? #1. You might choose the wrong one. #2. You might make the wrong first impression and hinder your future success... because you weren't ready. AMTC is a talent development ministry that finds, prepares and launches God’s performers into the mission fields of media. Please see the Method section of this website to learn more about The Bridge, SHINE and Agents.

What are you looking for?

AMTC is looking for gifted actors, models, singers, dancers and comedians (ages 4 and up) smart enough to do their homework before their audition, because good preparation is a predictor of success.  We're looking for good character and humble hearts.

What happens at an open audition?

The AMTC city-centered audition is more than an audition. It’s an inside look at the entertainment industry as a mission field. After the information session, the audition begins. The entire process usually takes 3-4 hours. *Video and photography are prohibited.

How will I perform?

Actors: Prepare a 30 second monologue, or read a script provided by AMTC.
Models: Walk for our Scout. Special shoes are unnecessary. Stay natural.*
Singers: Prepare a 30 second song without accompaniment. (Exceptions: songwriters may bring guitars or keyboards.)*
Dancers: prepare a 30 second choreographed routine. (Bring music and your own speakers.)*
Comedians: prepare a 30 second stand up routine.*
NOTE: Models, singers, dancers and comedians must also prepare or read a 20-30 second script.

If I'm not an actor, why do I need to read a script?

Because today's entertainment industry requires cross-training. Models, singers and dancers also need to be able to speak well and do on-camera interviews. Talent alone is not enough. Personality and verbal ability are expected.

If I receive a callback, what happens next?

If you receive a callback, you'll be invited the next day for registration and orientation (called Ignite) with our Talent Consultants. *If you are traveling a distance to the audition, plan to stay the extra day if possible.

What if I live too far away or a miss my audition?

Consider AMTC's eApplication.

What if I don’t receive a callback from the open audition?

You will receive an email with other options and/or advice.

Can I audition in more than one talent?

Yes. You're encouraged to audition in all areas of gifting: acting, modeling, singing, dance, stand up (or all five).

 Can groups perform?

Singing or dancing groups can audition as an ensemble. However, we will also want to see you individually. Group maximum is four. *We cannot audition full bands.

Will my audition be private or in front of a group of people?

Both public and private auditions are available. If you want complete privacy, consider AMTC's eApplication.

Is my child ready to audition?

In addition to talent, the most important attributes for children in entertainment are an outgoing personality and unusual maturity. Your child must be at least 4 years old. (Occasionally, AMTC will accept an exceptional 3 year old.) The desire to perform needs to be the child's desire- not the parent's.

Is there a fee to audition?

There is no fee for AMTC’s public information session/audition. If you choose an eApplication (which includes a one-on-one live online interview and audition), the fee is $50. The fees associated with The Bridge Training Program and SHINE Conference (for those who receive a callback) are detailed with a PDF link in the last Q of this section.

What should I wear to the audition?

Dress in neat, casual, age-appropriate clothes—nothing dressy, nothing sexy. Keep your appearance fresh and natural. The industry likes a clean slate.

Should I bring a parent?

We encourage teens and adults to bring both parents, a spouse, a mentor, and/or anyone who loves you and is interested in your future.

Is there an application to fill out?

Please fill out the AMTC audition application online, print it, and bring it with you. If you forget it (or are unable to print it in PDF form), you can fill it out on site.

Do I need to bring a picture or resume?

If possible, bring a snapshot and/or resume we can keep. *We may take an additional photo on site.

Should singers or dancers bring costumes?

Singers and dancers should not wear costumes or any special makeup (such as mime or stage).

Can I bring babies and toddlers?

The minimum age to audition is 4. The AMTC audition is fun, but serious. If your children are too small to sit quietly for 1-2 hours, please leave them at home and/or bring a babysitter who can keep them in the foyer.

What is the cost for the Bridge Prep Program and SHINE Conference?

Actors, Models and Talent for Christ offers various events, courses, programs, ranging from no cost to $5245 for our flagship event: The SHINE Conference, which includes the Bridge Prep Program, Signature Photo Shoot and Brand Consult. Performers must audition for acceptance. If accepted, payment plans, discounts (up to $1500) and fund-raising options are available. In addition, AMTC offers a unique Faith/Works Program as funding assistance for those in need.* Details are fully explained from an Admissions Director if you receive a callback.

If you’d like to see more details now, click on the SHINE Conference Package PDF.

*The faith/works program may be limited to a certain number of performers at each audition. It is based on performer need, scout recommendation and AMTC’s outreach/program cost analysis for each particular audition. For more information on the faith/works program, please look under "Joining The Movement" in our general FAQ's.