If God has called His performers to shine on stage, then He's especially called them to shine when the lights turn off. Discover how God is working through AMTC grads, including their challenges, achievements and priceless advice for up and coming stars. AMTC’s God stories offer a truthful glimpse into the entertainment industry. Do you have a God Story waiting to be written in media?

  • Hector Banos
    "Homeland was fun. We had a shootout and I was a terrorist..."

    After nearly leaving

  • Maurice Brown
    "When you’re performing in standup comedy, you’re staring down a gun."

    Stand-up comedy can be

  • Timothy Cao
    "I realized, All right, God’s on my side..."

    Some performers have a knack for dance.

  • Emma Elle Roberts
    "It’s OK to be loud and different..."

    Meet Emma Elle Roberts. An actress, model, and

  • Lyndsay Ricketson
    "This seems terrifying! How am I going to provide for myself?"

    Lyndsay Ricketson never intended

  • Ricardo Hurtado
    "My character is pretty sick. I'm Freddy, the drummer."

    16-year-old Ricardo Hurtado landed a leading

  • Dennis Lockman
    "I was heading in the wrong direction..."

    Being chosen to play varsity as a high

  • Eden Wiggins
    "Middle school always has a lot of drama."

    After completing AMTC SHINE Winter ’08, 8-year-old

  • Daniel Browning
    "We're a generation waiting to be inspired."

    Daniel Browning is no stranger to the world

  • Philipa Davies Booyens
    "This has to be told. People need to know..."

    Philipa Booyens is a model, writer

  • Tucker & Hudson Meek
    "Remind them their talents are gifts from the Lord."

    There are plenty of young actors

  • DJ KB
    "Yeah. You need to do this."

    David Guetta. Swedish House Mafia. Skrillex. With a growing

  • Joivan Jimenez
    “If we’re too religious…”

    Jovian Jiminez is the total package. A comedian, youth pastor and

  • Jordan Black
    “I like shaking things up…”

    You’ve seen him around. He may look familiar to you,

  • Charles Greer IV
    “We were dancing on lunch tables…”

    When Charles IV attended SHINE nearly two years ago,

  • John ‘Jontez’ Montes
    "I'm the poster child for what not to do..."

    John Jontez Montes is a nationally